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A FLOSS multi-account Mastodon and Pleroma desktop client

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Sengi will let you use all your accounts
easily and seamlessly

Quick Overview

Main Functionalities

Seamless account switch

Just click on the account's avatar,
and all your next actions will be performed by it.

All instances timelines in one place

Add timelines and lists from all your accounts in the same interface.

Don't lose your focus

Opening a profile, thread, hashtag or even just replying to someone will always take place in the current Timeline.


Get a quick insight if a status is part of a thread, has replies, is from a bot, is old, is cross-posted (limited to local TL) or is remotely fetched.
more details

Auto-remove Thread's Content-Warnings

Easily remove all CW from a thread
with one single click!

And many more!

There is a lot more things to discover
and more to come too!